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Food safety for consumers


Food safety for consumers

Source: KIN

We all would like to know what we eat. The ingredients must be right, the production should be hygienic. Also controls of the quality are important. How research institutes and industry take care of consumer interests, please read here:


Food control will always be a topic

Source: KIN e.V.

Interview with Michael Benner

Michael Benner is a veterinarian and was active before his today's activity as a leader of the quality assurance KIN as a university assistant in the student education in the area of food microbiology and food hygiene. For 24 years he is an employee of the KIN in the area of quality assurance with the main focuses microbiology and hy-giene, quality management, hygiene management and food right. As by the state admitted food expert and professional auditor for quality management systems he has long experiences in the area of the technical education.
Food control will always be a topic - Food control will always be a topic


What is Hygienic design?

Source: KIN e.V.

In the food industry hygiene plays a big role – this is well known. Health of the consumers and linked liability questions are central aspects of processing and refining of food. On European level the European Hygienic and design Group (EHEDG) with headquarter in Frankfurt a. M. takes care of regulations in this field. Food technicians and mechanical engineers there determine the requirements for constructions and procedures. These serve as a basis for the respective national regulations and norms.

What is Hygienic design? - What is Hygienic design?


News from the traffic light

Source: Foodwatch

On 16.06.2010 the decision has been made: The EU parliament has rejected the traffic light marking of food in trade. Consumer's minister Ilse Aigner does not want to oppose this opinion from Brussels. For some years policy, economy and consumerists argue about a uniform marking of nutrients on the packages. There are two models:
News from the traffic light - News from the traffic light